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    7 Things to Consider Before You Invest in a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) System -EPsoft Technologies LLC

    A robot hand reaching through a computer monitor Robotic Process Automation in the Digital Workplace PHOTO: SHUTTERSTOCK So you’ve made the decision, robotics process automation (RPA) is for your business. You’ve winnowed down a list of suitable vendors and are ready to start some serious...
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    How I can describe a process of creating changes and downloading latest version a program robot UiPath on GitHub?
  3. G

    Solved Student grade exercise: Data from excel is of text type while in choice I need to compare it to number type.

    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to Blue prism. I want to grade students based on their percentages, I am pulling the data from excel storing it in a collection and passing the collection's percentage field as input to the choice criterion, wherein I would compare the percentage with the range of...
  4. S

    basic blue prism email login object

    hi Endeavoring to learn essential blue crystal. I have made a question login to my gmail account. It enters the page where mail id must be entered. The email id gets entered and the following page shows up where the watchword must be entered. Yet, in the essayist instrument it demonstrates...
  5. Ethan Tan

    Robotic Process Automation in Manufacturing

    RPA in the Manufacturing industry plays a major role in streamlining operations by automating business processes to be more efficient and effective Physical robots are used for assembling, testing and packing products in several manufacturing companies. Despite this, companies face pain points...
  6. K

    Is there any way to Import data items into empty collection with out excel ?

    I was trying to Launch an HTML page and trying to read the elements in the HTML and trying to store the values directly in the Collection but not to the excel is there any way for resolution. I have a way to store the values in the excel and then to Collection but I don't need that I want to...
  7. Elena_L

    Robotic Process Automation Tools Comparison

    Introduction to RPA Tools: Robotic Process Automation is the new kid on the block, which has created a lot of buzz in and around the Automation space. In this article, we will try to bring in all the knowledge that we have acquired over the years of research in crystal clear words, such that...
  8. Elena_L

    30 Robotic Process Automation Examples

    Introduction: In this article we will introduce you to the newest kid on the block, which is none other than the Robotic Process Automation a.k.a RPA. However, each implementation of the RPA software is no different than the others in specific but end up being the same, and just that, makes it...
  9. L

    Excel freeze after close workbook in Macro?

    Hi, I am attempting to close the exercise manuals after get done with executing full scale. So I utilize this code Workbooks("RPA 1.xlsm").Close In any case, after the RPA shut, the other dynamic exercise manual is freezed and can't be shut. It appears to be something got stucked...
  10. Elena_L

    Career Scope in RPA

    Introduction Today, IT is one of the labour intensive industries leading to more scope of automation. The demand for RPA is booming as RPA marketing is increasing in the industry. It has just taken its baby steps in the field. It still has a long way to go. RPA adoption has grown exponentially...
  11. K

    BluePrism - Selecting HTML row

    Hi, Recently I started working on RPA - BluePrism and I am stuck at one place and not able to proceed further. I have an HTML table and no of rows is dynamic based on search criteria. I am able to get the rows values in a collection. But the problem is I need to highlight the table row->click...
  12. H

    Automate Command Prompt using blue prism

    Hi, I am endeavoring to make a BOT in RPA that will read excel records and afterward attempt to execute some standard commands from a command prompt utilizing the information in excel files. I am utilizing Blue Prism for this reason. While I am able to read excel files and store the data in the...
  13. N

    Find the number columns in excell sheet

    Hi All, can any body tell me how to get the number of column in an excell sheet (in AAE) kindly suggest .....
  14. K

    Is there any open source tools for RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

    Hi, We want to build a RPA software. The definition of RPA: A software 'robot' is a software application that replicates the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system. I searched RPA open-source software several days. Is there any open-source tools for...
  15. K

    RPA Tool Which support Mac OS

    Hello All, Do you have any RPA tool which supports MAC OS?
  16. K

    What is Surface automation in RPA?

    Hi, I am learning RPA(Robot Automation Testing) using tools loke UiPath and BluePrism. Can anyone suggest me, what is surface automation(SA) techniques in RPA or direct me where i can read more about surface automation techniques? How does surface automation help in automating flash objects...
  17. M

    Which is the best institute automation any where training in Hyderabad?

    HI can body suggest me which is the best institute automation anywhere training in Hyderabad?
  18. D

    I.A vs RPA

    Hello RPA lovers, I was wondering what are the opportunities regarding IA and RPA. Is there anyone here who already did something like that. I see some opportunities like: Chatbot which will start a RPA process once the client request is validate. (example moving to another house and you...