How to configure outlook automation in Blueprism

I am trying to send emails using outlook in BluePrism likewise in UIpath. I am new to Blueprism but I don't find an option as Outlook or Exchange Server. I have searched the internet and came across a solution of installing Mapiex but I couldn't find the installable and it does not work with outlook64. So Blue Prism Process Studio does not have an out of the box solution for outlook automation.
Nope, you just need to have an Outlook installed in your Machine. Even the outlook was not launched or not open, the MS Outlook VBO works like magic.
Im currently having issues with Outlook VBO, when running in studio we are able to fetch email. but when in control room nothing is being fetched
Hi Even im trying to work on outlook. But luck is not in favor of me please can anyone explain how to use outlook vbo. I have seen some actions in the vbo. But in it i haven't seen anything configure which was in MAPIex. did any one worked on outlook please let me know or a bit of POC even will work for me how to work with Outlook VBO.
Thanks In Advance