1. A

    Write a large collection into an Excel

    Hello, I have a collection of 20,000 rows and I can´t write them in an excel, I don´t know how to write it by code or if there is some other way, thank you.
  2. K

    Need Help in Regex expression

    Hi Team, I need a help in extracting an element from pdf which contains many details I have to extract the Salary amount Example pdf content: Line1: Salary : 45,658.302 Basic Salary: 23,000.54 Line2: Total Salary : 84,937.98 I have given the below regex ...
  3. J

    Not Able to Start my Workfusion RPA after the system restart

    I have installed Workfusion RPA Express for exploring and evaluation. The software is working perfectly fine since I installed it. Once the system restarts, the software won't start with the below welcome screen. I tried leaving the system overnight stuck with this screen but next day, I got to...
  4. R

    Everything you need to know about RPA

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an important element of the ‘Future of Work’ toolkit. According to research, about 70% to 80% of rules-based business processes can be automated. Large organizations have realized the benefits of automation and are trying to utilize this quick and effective...
  5. R

    Finding the given number is prime or not

    How to find the given number is prime or not by using the automation anywhere
  6. M

    Unable to Publish to Control Tower giving 401: Unauthorized error in RPA Express

    Hi everyone, Publish to Control Tower is givingme 401: Unauthorized error in RPA Express
  7. S

    How to configure outlook automation in Blueprism

    Hi, I am trying to send emails using outlook in BluePrism likewise in UIpath. I am new to Blueprism but I don't find an option as Outlook or Exchange Server. I have searched the internet and came across a solution of installing Mapiex but I couldn't find the installable and it does not work with...
  8. N

    Blue Prism How to Learn Blue prism? Blue prism tutorial material?

    Please follow below link. http://www.rpatutorial.com
  9. A

    The Future in Blue Prism Automation Tool

    Introduction We witness many processes daily. Some processes like the functionality in a call center, attending to user resolutions, welcome services at the restaurant and delivery of items ordered online. Few employ the latest innovations in technology that involves continuous lines of code...
  10. B

    How do I store an image into an image data item instead of manually importing it in Blue Prism? I need to automate it.

    I am Using Google Vision API to extract some data from some images. But the problem is that I need to manually import and assign the image file each time in the image data item for each time. How to get the image data item get automatically assigned by image path or something like that. Please...
  11. J

    Workfusion Debug error, java

    Hi Guys I am having trouble running my solution in Workfusion, I have made no changes to the project yet get the below error every time I try to run a project , can anybody point me in the right direction, please. I have attached an image of the error Thanks
  12. L

    Solved BluePrism - Invalid Object, Missing Action

    I just finished doing the 3 objects (there are no errors left) and I published it as an action so that I can use it in my Process. It shows up in the action like this: But if I click "okay" and then view its properties again. This is how it looks like: ^Those happen to all of the 3 objects...
  13. L

    Solved Calculation: Divide two numbers and get whole number only

    I'm trying to use calculation and divide two numbers in which I only want to get the whole number as an output. I know how to do this in other languages like C++ when you only use the data type integer so that it would automatically exclude the remainder but I can't seem to find one for...
  14. M

    Process Locked

    Hello, In the control room we have a process that always has a lock icon on the name each morning when we come into work. Is there a way to see what is causing the lock? I assume we would need system admin privileges and perhaps look into the system tab? In my head this is essentially a...
  15. C

    Working with temporary excel files?

    We have a requirement to download an excel file (IE), open it, format columns and save to a directory. Anyone any ideas on the best approach for this? 1. Is it best to save to a location, do editing and save to required directory? 2. Other option is to open and edit directly, in the...
  16. U

    How Can RPA Address the Challenges Faced By Customer Support Representatives

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital transformation technology that is transforming the way businesses conduct their operations. After the massive success the technology has brought to organizations across various sectors and industries, businesses are now exploring how this technology...
  17. H

    Looping emails and attachments

    I am using RPA - Blueprism - Email- POP3/SMTP VBO. I have a folder which contains 'a','b','c' files. I have to send 'a' file to 'a@email.com', 'b' file to 'b@email.com' and similarly for 'c'. I added a loop for email ID's . I am able to send to email to every one. Now i am having issue to...
  18. Ethan Tan

    Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

    With RPA, healthcare providers reduce costs, gain efficiency, improve the quality of patient care and increase the amount of time spent with patients. Healthcare is a constantly evolving and growth-oriented field. As there is a continuous increase in the number of patients, there is also an...
  19. vincix

    RPA & AI Congress & Hackathon 2018 - May 9 - Rome (Italy)

    Dear folks!! I'm very happy to share this event: RPA Hackathon! The #RPAHackathon Early Bird finish in few hours! Buy your ticket for only € 6,55 https://goo.gl/KzsUY5 We would like to invite you to Join us for the real-time hackathon Challenge in Rome on May 9th at Hotel Savoy or if you cant...
  20. A

    UIPath Introduction to UiPath

    UiPath features three main products: UiPath Studio – It designs automation process using diagrams, which are visually appealing. UiPath Robot – Executes the UiPath Studio Processes. UiPath Orchestrator – an application that deploys, manages, and monitors processes/robots. UiPath Studio: UiPath...