1. S

    Webinar on RPA made accessible, Powerful and Smarter with Gen AI, Wednesday, December 6, 2023 at 9.30 pm IST, 11 AM ET, US

    Tap into the incredible potential of Generative AI to turbocharge your workflows, making processes even smarter and more efficient than ever before. During this live webinar, Hemraj Sadhnani, VP, Product Engineering explores the synergy of RPA and Generative AI for enhanced process automation...
  2. S

    Issue in UiPath tool and getting error message and not able to run the sample mail test

    HI All, I am not able to run the process in UiPath (RPA tool) and i am getting error message as "Get IMAP Mail Messages: Invalid credentials (Failure)". I have entered valid credentials but still facing this issue. Please help me in resolving this issue as i am new to this tool and i have just...
  3. Mabwa_Charles

    Email Automation

    Emails are the primary form of communication used by businesses worldwide and are a crucial part of any business organization. Using email automation, you can automate your repetitive email tasks, including opening emails, reading and processing them, sorting them, extracting data from them...
  4. V

    Increase in processing time - Web Automation

    Hi All - We're currently working on web automation project where the web page is Chrome based and all the elements have been spied in Browser Mode. While running the automation from the control room, we've observed that the processing time for the first item in the queue is normal, but when the...
  5. M

    Removing Secure Storage Pop-pup when launching work fusion

    Go to C:\Users\YourUserName->remove .eclipse directory in your user directory This should solve your problem To be more precise you can remove the "secure_storage" file on the below directory C:\Users\YourUserName\.eclipse\org.eclipse.equinox.security Before: After: Worfusion will then ask...
  6. S

    Top 4 business processes to automate with RPA

    Efficient business processes are the lifeblood of any organization. The opportunity to leverage intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and various forms of robotic process automation integration with enterprise applications are abundant today. However...
  7. S

    Automating the claim form fill up process for the insurance industry

    Manual data entry is very time-consuming and cumbersome. Many insurance companies manually enter their customer's details from the vehicle claim processing form into their application. Check out this automated form-filling RPA solution that helps insurers to perform the following tasks: -...
  8. L

    Review on UIPath

    I'm new to RPA and currently, I'm doing some research on some RPA platforms and I saw that there are different opinions about UIPath. Could you share your experience with this platform? Many thanks
  9. S

    Adopt RPA to re-shape the finance industry

    When we talk about automation, we focus more on industries like manufacturing and retail. However, being technologically advanced is not just limited to one market or industry. Digital transformation is making its presence in fields that we wouldn’t have even thought of a decade ago. Factories...
  10. N

    How To Automate Your Business With 4 Key Technologies

    Whether your company is in finance, manufacturing, or even life sciences, you get work done through processes. Processes are made up of tasks, which you organize into workflows. A new wave of digital technologies makes it possible to automate these tasks — and that workflow management — to...
  11. S

    What intelligent automation is and why it matters

    In this era of fast-moving business changes, organizations need an end-to-end automated solution which is a combination of cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and smart machines. One such technology that has emerged in the digital world is – intelligent automation. This technology...
  12. S

    How RPA is shaping the future of customer service?

    The entire idea of running a business revolves around caring for the customer. And with the right use of modern technologies, it is possible to achieve a higher level of customer care. Robotic process automation (RPA) is one such technology that is improving business processes efficiency and...
  13. M

    Virtual Meetup: PDF Operations in Automation 360 platform

    Join us today (15th Sep - 3 PM IST) for a virtual meetup to discuss about PDF Operations in Automation 360 platform. Our guest speaker and A-lister Theertha K S will walk us through a few cool demos on how you can work with PDF's. Register here: https://lnkd.in/gx5SUYuB
  14. M

    Jul 26: Automation Anywhere Bot Games Hackathon - Live Now!

    An awesome opportunity for developers to win some serious cash and get inspired by creative automation from across the community. We’ll be giving away over $18,000 USD in cash and prizes as a part of this month-long hackathon event. The theme of this year’s event: “Helping employees return to...
  15. A

    how do i trigger/start bot by Web Service api?

    Somebody please help me on how do i trigger/start bot by Web Service api. It would be great if any body provides us solution.
  16. B

    Benefits of RPA

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses software bots to complete repetitive digital tasks, and businesses across verticals are taking notice. The global RPA sector is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 40% through 2027. Clearly, enterprises are increasingly willing...
  17. S

    Excel VBO create instance in debug mode Issue

    "Internal : Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)" We are getting this error while we are using Excel VBO create instance in debug mode.
  18. B

    Live Webinar : Premier InfoAssists Automates Shipping Documentation Process with Nividous Platform

    Discover the success story of Premier InfoAssists, a leading export and import trade management services company, transforming its end-to-end documentation process with the Nividous intelligent automation platform. The use of natively embedded RPA, AI and BPM components has allowed Premier...
  19. B

    Live Webinar : All Chemical Automates Sales Order Creation Process using Nividous Platform

    Discover the success story of All Chemical, a veteran transport and logistics company, transforming its sales order creation process with the Nividous intelligent automation platform. In their efforts to provide seamless and on-time service, All Chemical successfully streamlined and automated...
  20. A

    Unable to launch Microsoft Edge with url? and also Unable to Terminate Microsoft Edge?

    Somebody please give me solution for my problem? 1.Blueprism not able to launch MS Edge with specified url-It is just launching appn but not enterning url automatically!? 2.And also Blueprism unable to terminate MS Edge- If i use Global send keys Alt+F4 then blueprism itself getting terminated...