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Hi All,

I have the next problem.

I have a collection with more than 15K rows and I need to write it in excel, but the problem is that it takes a lot of about 40 minutes with the Write Collection (Excel VBO) object, can the execution time be shortened?


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Hi JaviDVP,

I just checked the Code stage for the Write collection and saw that it has the appropriate code for this action and so I don't think much can be done from the code side.
Try to see if you can do something prior to getting the 15K rows into the collection - for eg; see if it is possible to place only 1K rows into the collection then write it to excel and then the next 1K and so on. Also analyse to see if there is a possibility to directly write the data from the source to Excel versus going via the collection...These are just pointers in some direction and you may know what could be done to split the data into chunks rather than having all 15K at once.


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Hello VJR,
I have managed to solve it, I really use something similar to what you have written, I tell you:

I keep everything in several collections as you say and with those collections I create CSV'S.

When I have all the CSVs I import them to excel, it takes about 10 min now

Thanks for the support:)
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Why don't you write all 15k rows to a CSV file, and open the CSV file in excel? Then use "Save As.." if you want to have it as xlsx


I just wrote a process and testet it. I filled a collection with 30 000 rows (5 columns), all cells filled with random md5 hashes (total of 4980011 characters). I wrote this to file as CSV, opened it in excel 2016 and saved it as xlsx. The whole process tok less than 10 seconds.