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    Writing Collection into Excel or setting a cell value ERROR Blue Prism

    Hi All, I am encountering an issue when trying to write a collection or set a cell value into excel. I am first creating an instance of excel, then showing it and then opening the workbook. When I try and complete any Excel VBO like I have mentioned, I am delivered the same Error message ...
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    Excel VBO - Move Worksheet Error

    Hi, Please help me out in moving the worksheet from one workbook to another. I'm getting the Bad index exception(PFA). Please help!
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    Blueprism not reading Excel sheet into collection

    we have a requirement where we need to read all the excel sheets into one collection. When we run it in debug mode bot can able to read all the sheets and corresponding data into collection, but when we run it in control room only one sheet data was not captured , bot can able to read remaining...
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    Excel error: The document caused a serious error the last time it was opened

    Hi, Has anyone faced this issue where 'Open Workbook' action of Excel VBO fails because it takes too long? I got this error in my Production run. When I try to manually open the file i get the warning, " The last time you opened 'filename.xlsx', it caused serious error. Do you still want to...
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    Excel Replace VBA

    Hello, I'm trying to write a code which is similar to CTRL+H Find and Replace method in Excel. When I run the code stage, gives an error: "The given key was not present in the dictionary." Can you please help me? Here is the code:
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    Work book Issue

    I am getting the below issue when trying to open a workbook It opens up when i run the code again a second time. Why am i facing this issue. Could you please help me with the same
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    How to get a cell reference as a whole?

    Hi I want to create a page called Delete Data in an object to delete data using Excel VBO. I need to create it as a page so that I can reuse it. The Delete Data page first selects a range and deletes the selected rows. It seems simple, but the action Select a range came requires Cell Reference...
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    Unable to create excel instance

    I have been learning how to use the Blue Prism toolset. I want to open an Excel document. I know I need to first create an instance, however I receive the following error message: Internal : The system cannot find the path specified Error code:-2147467259 More Detail...
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    Get CSV Text as Collection Issue

    Hello - I am trying to get the CSV values into a collection. However, when there is a date item for ex: '5/5/2018' - when it is converted into a collection it is having a text value like '28170'. If the date value in excel is 05/05/2018 - then it is properly being read. How can we solve this...
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    System out of Memory Excel VBO

    Hi, I am attempting to get a collection from an excel worksheet using the excel VBO. Normally this works fine. However, my file has approx. 200k lines. I am getting a system out of memory error message. Is there anyway to load this volume of data into a collection?
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    excel cell value conversion

    How can I convert text data to decimal in blue prism? as I have to compare the data received from a cell in excel file to the decimal number '1'. what process should I follow?
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    Excel paste function to column formatted as text

    Hi, In my rpa, I have a input excel file with columns formatted as text. I have to input functions to certain columns of this input excel. I am using Excel VBO's Copy and Paste Worksheet Range action for this. But when I paste the function, they are displayed as text and the function does not...
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    How to Write Data From Collection to Excel by using C# And how to add extension like IDE?

    Hi everyone, i tried Predefined MS Excel VBo to write collection in to Excel but i have 3000 Records it is taking long time to write collection in to Excel , i was trying any other better approach to fix my problem so i want to give a try by Writing C# Code i Was Aware How to Write code...
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    Cannot get multi-line text value from cell

    Hello, So I've been using MS Excel VBO and noticed that when I'm getting a cell value with multiple lines, it returns a single-line string. Any help? Thanks in advance!
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    Read Excel with Password!!

    Hi! I need read a Excel file, but it has a password. I could identify the window to enter the password and everything but when I execute it from the object studio, the execution does not run, it stays stuck. Help me with this plesase!! Thanks!!
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    How to Paste clipboard data to Excel

    Hi, I am trying to paste data from clipboard to excel with . When I use keyboard shortcuts the data is getting paste accurately and Can anybody help me on how to use GLOBAL send keys on Excel or if any other option to get the data from clipboard to excel? Thank you, Nav
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    Excel VBO unlock worksheet

    I am currently looking for a VBO to unlock worksheets in a Excel file. I found the lock workbook vbo and tried to amend it for the worksheet lock function but could not seem to do so. Does someone have such a VBO and could help me (especially with the code part). Thank you in advance
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    Time Write Collections, ( Excel VBO )

    Hi All, I have the next problem. I have a collection with more than 15K rows and I need to write it in excel, but the problem is that it takes a lot of about 40 minutes with the Write Collection (Excel VBO) object, can the execution time be shortened?
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    Solved Can´t Open Excel With Excel VBO

    I'm trying to open excel but I get this error The path is ok.
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    [Blueprism] Code stage to paste data as values in excel

    Hi, I have to copy some values from an excel sheet and paste them in another excel sheet of a different workbook. The original action "Copy and Paste Worksheet Range" in the MS Excel VBO object does not allow me to paste values only. I have duplicated the code stage for the action "Copy and...