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    Solved Comparing two Collections and and saving unique values.

    Hi, I'm new to both coding and Blue Prism and i'm looking for some support. I have a a project were I need to compare data from two collections ("Collection_1" and "Collection_2") and pick out any unique rows from "Collection_1" and save in "Collection_3". Both collections only consists of...
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    Sum column in collection - C# code stage *SOLVED*

    *Solved*......... Hi I'm looking to summarize all values in a specified column in a collection through a code stage (not looping). In this collection called "Collection", I want a sum of all values in column "Numbers". I don't read or write C# very well, so can someone provide a code that...
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    Get Tree Items as collection from Tree View in Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Hello all, I am coming to you with the following issue: I am trying to get all the items from a tree view in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. The tree items are open orders that I need to loop through and check and modify different values in each of them. My current idea is to get somehow all the...
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    Set Cell Value, Collection

    Hello Everyone, I am stuck in below placees while automating one solution, please help me with this. - I need to write to Excel Cell : Value is 0001234, But when I am using Set Cell Values and saving it. Value is automatically changing to 1234, after save. How to solve this ? - There is need...
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    Get worksheet range as collection

    Hi, I am reading range of excel sheet into a collection. There are 1650 rows but it is extracting only 17 rows into output collection. I have used number of rows and given input as end cell. Could you please help me what might be the issue?
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    Dynamic creation of a variable name. How

    Hi All, In the collection I have several columns named: L_name, P_name, T_name. What I have to do is check where the name is entered and transfer this value to the new table. I want to create a Name column in the new table and put the obtained data there. I thought about doing it in two...
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    How to format nested collection in Blue Prism

    Hello, I am retrieving some information with Blue Prism from one API, and I receive a collection as the output. The problem is that I do not want my collection to look like this. I want to receive one collection with one row where I will have all of the employees listed, not 1 employee per 1...
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    excel to csv format error

    Hi, I'm currently converting an Excel file to CSV. Step 1: Get data into collection Step 2: Convert collection to CSV Step 3: write it into a file. It works, but there is a problem with Data format error. For example: Excel value - 9781621577720 CSV value - 9.78162E+12 I'd like to know if...
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    Merge 2 collections on common column

    Hi, I am looking for a simple straighfoward way of merging 2 collections. I know that for example in python( i think SQL is as easy) this can be done in one line: merged_coll = coll1.merge(coll2, on="column_name", how = 'inner'). Is really no other way in B but that silly looping of one...
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    Compare multiple rows in a Collection

    Hi, I'd like to get ideas and tips for how to compare multiple rows in a Collection to group them together. The purpose is that the larger item (bytes) from the same date will be used for one purpose and the other for another. Se example: Items - Bytes - Date FieldX 1 50...
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    What is the "Collection" capacity to store records? How many records Collection can store?

    what is the maximum capacity to extract records from excel to Collection. Can collection store 1 lakh records??
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    Error: Excel Get Worksheet as Collection

    Hey, I'm new at RPA/Blue Prism. I've got a problem with the Action "Get Worksheet as Collection". In the excel sheet are hidden columns. These are not found. Blue Prism returns error message: Internal: Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Column 17 was not found...
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    Copy the Comments from Excel and paste in application

    There is a client Application :in application after process of Account in Comment section we need to provide comments , the comments template will be in Excel , there will be around 10 accounts ,selection the comments is based on process of Accounts. for ex comments in Excel: Client ABC...
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    How to convert Column A row values as header of Column B

    HI All, PFA I had query while performing one action, I want to convert column A row values as header to Column B in a colection in BLUEPRISM. Kindly plz anyone help us. Thx sample O/p should come as ----- Firstname as column with value pawan
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    Is it possible to convert a collection into a .txt file separated by tabs?

    I´m trying to convert a collection into a text file. I´ve tried converting the collection into a CSV to get the text and appending that CSV into a text file but when I open it, there´s nothing on it.
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    Solved Can I format an email that "iterates" through a collection?

    Hello, I'm currently working on a process that reads in a series of virtual machines from an excel sheet, finds their respective states, and stores them together into a collection (Excel Bot Names). My goal is to send out an email displaying each machine's name and it's respective state, so...
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    How to reference a field from a multi tiered collection

    I am using the Natural Language Google API in Blueprism. This API outputs a collection which contains sub collections. I want to reference a sub column from this collection. However, If I simply use the collection name.sub collection.sub collection.field I get an error. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Collection to CSV - Set delimiter

    Hi All! I have been reading a couple of threads about saving a collection to CSV and they all seem to want to use comma as the delimiter. In the Utility - Strings there is already input/output and code for this, but using a comma, how would one go about changing the delimiter to say | or &&...
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    Get Every Fifth Element from Collection

    Hi. I have a Collection containing a bunch of data. I wonder if its possible to filter it to get every fifth element of the collecation and append it to a new collection.
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    Merge rows from two collections

    I need help to merge two collections with a different number of rows. I have one collection (the target collection) which contains all rows that I need to write this collection in a excel worksheet. The last column contains no data. These data I want to get from the other collection...