Unable to Send Global Send Keys to Mainframe

Hi Everyone,

I am able to send global send keys to mainframe for 2 “F8” key strokes using “[pf8][pf8]” keys.
But I am unable to send global send keys for 3 keystrokes “1 shift key and 2 F8 key strokes” .
I Used combinations like “+[pf8][pf8]”, “++[pf8][pf8]”, “[SHIFT][pf8][pf8]”, “<SHIFT>[pf8][pf8],[+][pf8][pf8]but I am unable to send keys.
Please Help.



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Hi manikanta komuravelli,

In a windows application function keys are enclosed within curly braces like {F8}.
And + is used for the Shift key. So for Shift F8 senkeys is used as "+{F8}".

Yours is a case of a mainframe application but you may want to just give it a try for
even try just "+{F8}" at first then in another sendkeys only {F8}
any of its permutations combinations.

Also make sure to use these combinations with both - Sendkeys as well as Sendkeys Events.