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    Correct Syntax for "TAB" button for 'Send Keys Mainframe'?

    I'm connected to a 5250 emulator and trying to send the TAB key to tab to the next field. I've tried "{TAB}" and I receive an error. Does anyone know the proper syntax to send the key via "Send Keys Mainframe" for the Tab, CTRL, ALT, etc? Better yet, does anyone have access to a 'cheat sheet'...
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    Using wildcard on filenames

    I'm opening files from a browser which I have to attach to. For some reason, sometimes, the filename changes (example: normal filename is filename.txt, unusual filename is filename(1).txt. I understand that this happens when you open the same file from a site. So I tried to use wildcard on my...
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    Get worksheet range as collection

    Hi, I am reading range of excel sheet into a collection. There are 1650 rows but it is extracting only 17 rows into output collection. I have used number of rows and given input as end cell. Could you please help me what might be the issue?
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    Export Control Room Log BluePrism

    Hey everybody, I'm new to BP and I was wondering whether there is an option to export all sessions. To be clear, I'm not talking the process logs, I mean the table which shows me all past sessions, as seen in the screenshot. I would like to use this table in excel so maybe there is a way to...
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    Change page orientation of a Word document

    Hi all, I'm trying to change the page orientation of a Word document to landscape using Blue Prism. I've seen all the actions in the MS Word and MS Word Extended VBOs and I can't find any helpul action. Maybe running a macro could be a good idea, but I can't even find an action stage to run a...
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    How to use the Utility - HTTP HTTP Request

    Hi, im using the Request HTTP Action on the Utility - HTTP of BluePrism, I have a doubt of how I am using it because it almost never works... It only works when I go to the URL first on internet explorer manually and then run action on blue prism... The error cames up when it fails is "Could not...
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    Problem with Chrome Automation

    Hello guys, I am new to the forums, I apologize for any mistake I make. I have been running into a problem when I try running a bot that uses chrome. If I run a process with chrome window open from before I run the process will run correctly, but if I the process itself launches chrome it will...
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    Extract Table with merged cells

    Hi, I am trying to extract or read table from iexplore using blue prism. The table has rows that are merged cells, when I tried to read, the table format is not kept in the collection correctly. Is there anyway to extract and keep the format so that it is easy to read and loop through...
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    Copy a worksheet bewtween two workbooks in different Excel instances

    Hi, I have a process that will execute many SAP transactions, some returning large amounts of data, and create an Excel workbook (Output.xlsx) with separate worksheets containing the data from each SAP transaction. As each SAP transaction is run, we have SAP export the data to Excel. For...
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    HTTP Request: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone can help.. I've created a process that retrieves request information, formats into SOAP XML message and POSTs to an API to create a case on the target application using the Utility - HTTP object. The API requires client certificate authentication & as such I load the...
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    change a value of an element in XML with Blue Prism

    Hi Community Can anybody help me? I'm trying to replace element values of a xml String. My text looks like this one: <S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www.oap-envelope"><S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www./soap-envelope"> <S:Header> <To xmlns="http://www----------sing"></To> <Action...
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    SAP Automation Target application could not be identified

    My SAP automation works fine except one step. Process can attach page1 then click button for open page2. When page2 popup apperar blue prism cant attach page2. I use one session. I try everyhing. I run step by step process work fine. That process step doesn't work only production environment...
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    Chaser Emails

    Hi! I am currently working on a check and chase project. I'd like to see how you may be able to help me with something. Basically what the project does is it checks a report pero row for certain columns if the were updated or not, and then sends a notification to the person specified in that row...
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    Activate Application not working

    I have two objects. One is to attach a minimized window. The other object calls that first object. When I manually run the first object, it was able to activate the application and bring the window in front. When I tried to run the second object, it was able to activate the application and bring...
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    Filtering PivotTable Error HRESULT: 0x80070057 (E_INVALIDARG))

    I've been working on this object for a week now and still cant get it right. All lines are working just fine except for the last line where it should filter the pivot field "Month" into the current month and previous months. I'm trying to have an output of less than or equal to the current...
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    Create tickets and attach emails using Rest API

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    ABBYY FlexiCapture with Blueprism

    I am exploring the work around to connect Abby flexi capture with blueprism , I have downloaded the ABBYY_FlexiCapture_Connector_for_BluePrism from DX portal which contains Multi task VBO , single Task VBO , using the guide Document i have created the process , when i running the process the i...
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    EWS with OAuth authentication - Blue Prism

    Hello everyone, These last weeks I was trying to implement EWS technology, with OAuth authentication to use it in a robotic automation project (Blue Prism) to send and receive mails. Unfortunately, I can't find materials or people that understand this technology to support me. I need to find a...
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    Java Based Applications dont work on Control Room

    Hi All, I have a very strange Issue, With my process. that is We are dealing with the Web based, Window based and Java based applications in Single Process. The Problem is When I'm Running the Process through Studio. the Process is Perfectly Working Fine. But the Problem is when i'm Running the...
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    Extending Word VBO to Print

    Hi everyone, I've attempted to follow the instructions provided in this post: (thank you @sivagelli). However, I am getting an error that states "Internal : Could not execute code stage: Parameter count mismatch."...