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    Blue Prism Browser Mode Suddenly not Recognising Anything in Chrome

    Dear All, I am using Blue Prism v6.8.1, google chrome version 90.0.4430.212 (64 bit), blue prism extension 2.1.0, whereby an issue is occurring with spying elements on websites. Blue Prism fails to recognise any elements in browser mode, even those elements that have been previously recognised...
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    While converting Collection to JSON getting '@' inplace of '/' ?

    While converting Collection to JSON i'm getting '@' in place of '/' Somebody please help me that how can i avoid '@' symbol inplace of '/'
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    Slowness problem with automating Web Application.

    I'm working in Citrix environment and using Windows XP 2008 server. We automated one real time portal. While spying elements in Website BOT is taking more than 15 minutes to spy one element. The flow was not that much big, Bot has to be completed its execution within 5 minutes but due to PORTAL...
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    Unable to find Accessibilty Mode in google chrome??

    When i re-installed my google chrome i've lost Accessibility mode in google chrome to spy the elements.. Somebody please tell me that how can i restore Accessibility mode in my chrome application?
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    How to avoid resolution issues which was spied by Regioin Mode in Blueprism?

    I'm working in Citrix environment- to RDC-dev(Windows Server 2008) I spied all the elements using region modes, but when i try to run bots from different machine("from other machine citrix envr to same RDC-Dev Server") it is giving errors!? i'm required to run bot from many different machines...
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    Exception : Failed to import CSV: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC

    hello everyone any idea what the problem?? need to solve it quickly. .Some problem with the MS Excel VBO?? Prefer the particular BO, not Utility Manager.. its from the 'Consolidation Exercise' from BP LMS-Foundation Training
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    JavaScript from within BP - code stage

    Hi, Could you guide me through my code related to the below issue: Page page = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Handler as Page; str = "page doesn't exist"; if (page != null) { str = "page exists!!"; } There is runtime exception - object reference not set. I have the dll and reference mentioned...
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    Convert .csv to .xlsx using Blue Prism

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem, I receive a document .csv(IMG1) and i need to convert it to .xlsx(IMG2). But, besides convert I need to adjust the columns, like in the image that I attached(IMG2). I follow the steps sugested in this post...
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    Report extraction in scheduler

    I have a process where it open in IE, input start and end date, extract report. In my object, launch IE and I applied check if windows activated > yes > input date > extract > save. In process, I call the object to launch and another process to input dates. Upon running it is successful. But...
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    SAP using global send keys for F9

    Hi All Am trying to select a view for a material update in transaction MM02 , and running into issues. I got through the SAP login, selecting an SAP system, logging in, starting the tcode, entering a material number and deselecting the default views, because I only want to go to the views I...
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    Recovering Deleted Object

    Hi Everyone, I deleted my Object by mistake. Would I be able to recover this deleted object?
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    Help needed with OLEDB csv connection string.

    I am working on a file, where I have to pull over 150K rows from CSV file into collection. I am trying doing same using OLEDB VBO. But, I am stuck at setting up the OLEDB CSV connection string, getting attached error. I gone through documentation on portal also but not of much help there as...
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    Need Help in Regex expression

    Hi Team, I need a help in extracting an element from pdf which contains many details I have to extract the Salary amount Example pdf content: Line1: Salary : 45,658.302 Basic Salary: 23,000.54 Line2: Total Salary : 84,937.98 I have given the below regex ...
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    Download attachments from .eml file in BluePrism

    Hello All, I am trying to retrieve attachments from an email message that is already saved on the hard-disk as a .eml file. Is there a way to do this using Blue Prism? I have to basicalling automate below flow Login to Application Search the INC number Scroll down and go to Client Emails...
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    Get no of occurrences in excel and format a column

    Hi All, Am new to Blue Prism and don't any knowledge on writing macros. I have a process in which input is an excel(input.jpg) file with company details (Company Name, Email Address, Postal Address, Bill No, Rejection Reason, etc.) I have to get the number of occurrences for each Company and...
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    Zip files in BluePrism

    Hello Everyone! I have process in which, input is an excel file with vendor receipt details (Vendor Name, Email Address, Postal Address, Invoice No, Rejection Reason, etc.) Flow is to read this excel and send them replies via email(if email address is given) or post(if postal address is given)...
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    Blue Prism How to Learn Blue prism? Blue prism tutorial material?

    Please follow below link. http://www.rpatutorial.com
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    Automation for LDAP MQ integration

    Hi All, Anyone has done automation using ldap url and MQ? Can you please suggest how we can achieve the same? Thanks and Regards, Amol
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    Solved RPA Get name stored from a cell in a website into a text data item

    My project involves checking the data status in terms of date from a website. Here is the sample (the info source is confidential that's why I covered it but each cell in that column contains a unique value) The text I'd like to store in a data item is the highlighted one. My problem is that...
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    Solved How to read or write data from footer of Excel using blueprism?

    How can I read or write data from footer of Excel using blueprism?can someone please tell me how to read and then write data from footer of excel file?