UI Path Real Time application support

We have requirement of Implementing RPA in case of Real Time call handling unit. There are more than 50+ Agents working on to handle calls, we require RPA which interact with Mainframe applications to retrieve data and show the results to an Agent who has submitted the query. The type of search which different users can make vary.We are aware of batch or offline processing of RPA but in above scenario is it possible to do it through UI Path


Staff member

Yes it is, you can build front office robots. They are very useful for retrieving data to the agent in real time.

The agent can trigger the robot by pressing a button in an application, or sending a hotkey. You can also have a back office robot triggered in a similar manner, and the agent will not see the actual mainframe loading up and working, but will have a response sent to them straight away.

Please see this link for more info: https://www.uipath.com/blog/unattended-attended-automation