Not able to extract the text in order using GET full text activity

Hi Everyone,
I’m using GetFullText activity to extract the text in skype window. But I’m not able to extract the text in order(Ascending order) when the code is taking the loop. Other activities GetText and GetVisibleText are not working for extracting the data in skype. Can anyone help me with this. Thanks in advance
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This following selector for example is getting the last message from Skype Business window.

<wnd app='lync.exe' cls='LyncTabFrameHostWindowClass' title='*Conversation*' />
<wnd cls='NetUIHWND' idx='2' />
<ctrl name='Chat History' role='list' />
<ctrl role='list item' idx='9' />

Try to play around with the indexes, maybe increment? Use UiExplorere for this.