Need Help With a Lot of Stuff

Hi! I've only been handling automation projects via BP for my employer so I haven't got extensive knowledge. I have been assigned to carry out a check-and-chase process which proves to be a little out of my depths. I need advise with some of the stuff I seem to be stuck at at the moment.

  • The report that the bot needs to check is saved as xlsm with multiple worksheets. Conditions to be met to collect the data in the report are:
    • Friday - will use current month's tab/worksheet
    • 1st working day of the month - will use previous month's tab/worksheet
    • I need the expressions on a choice stage for the bot to identify if it's a Friday or the first working day of the month before it proceeds to collecting the data from the respective worksheet.
  • The email xlsm reports do not contain the email addresses of the recipients to be chased. It is saved on a standalone xlsx file that the bot needs to refer to when finding the actual recipient of the chaser email.
    • XLSM report contains only Name of Recipient, together with all other relevant information needed to set the conditions for the chasing process v. XLSX contains the Name of Recipient and their email addresses
    • I need to be able to do some sort of a lookup function to find the email addresses from the XLSX file and put them onto the respective names in the XLSM data
Hope any of you can help. Thanks.
Could you specify your request? Which of these given steps did you already implement? Where are you stuck?

Hi! Thanks. Most of my questions from the original post have been sorted. But I seem to be stuck at one thing here.
  • Collection A - has Person'sName and other data needed for my project
  • Collection B - Has Person'sName and Person'sEmail
  • I created Collection C based on Collection A then added an extra column for the Person'sEmail which needs to be looked up from Collection A. So it basically needs to check the Person'sName from Collection A >> See if it matches the Person'sName in Collection B and get the corresponding email address and paste (the email) at the very last column of Collection C (which will be the master data collection).
I'm lost in strings and expressions here, I basically need to be spoonfed.