Solved EWS-Mail Object:Download Attachment

Dear fellows,

I tried to use the an object "EWS-Mail Object" to download an attachment. However, I kept getting the Output Exception Messages "System.ArgumentException: path contains invalid characters " or "System.NotSupportedException : The given path's format is not supported"

I tried the following combinations in the Input field but neither one of them works.


May I have your advice please? Thanks.
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I think the issue is that the attachment is downloading as "Save As" and NOT "Save".
You will need to provide the file name also. (Full fil path)
Eg : D:\temp\

Let me know if it works
Dear sahil_raina_91,

Thanks for your response. Indeed I had reviewed and revised the code and resolved the issue. The code returned the Attachment Name with prefix "Attached file: ....." , which made it invalid.