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Cognitive IQ composed in particular of "neurons, or nerve cells; glial cells, or helping cells, and blood vessels." the "nerve cells" perform the mind's features. The glial cells shape a supporting framework for the nerves. A maze of tiny blood vessels feed the brain. Neurons are the basic constructing blocks of the anxious gadget. The human mind has approximately one hundred billion neurons. Many individuals by no means consider the importance in their brain until a brain harm happens inside their circle of relatives. The mind consists of the "grey and white rely." the grey rely makes up the middle of the spinal twine and its upward extension into the bottom of the mind, that's referred to as the "brain stem." white remember surrounds the "gray be counted" within the spinal wire and brain stem. However, there may be a reversal to this. Within the top elements of the mind, the white count is the significant core, surrounded with the aid of gray rely. The connections among cells inside the grey matter allow the mind to interpret indicators from the.