Broken characters/Notepad/.csv file

Hello fellow humans! Do you have experience in inporting an Excel file (.csv) to Blue Prism without breaking special characters - in this case scandinavian characters (ä,ö,å)? I've investigated this a little bit and obviously this could be avoided by having the Excel file in UNICODE - as by default that is sent to us in ANSI format. So, does anybody know if there is a way to import that other than by opening a Notepad and saving it as UNICODE? That's another story about importing it via Notepad; I tested it first manually through Notepad by changing it to unicode, saving it and then opening it through Excel, and then the scandic characters came in fine. Then when I automated it doing the same thing through Notepad; they're broken again (?) I used send key events. What happened? Sooo, any help with this one appreciated! Many thanks in advance :)