Blue Prism Standard Template

Hi Sachin,

Hope you are well & safe !

I want to be good in the code stage of Blue Prism. So I have started with the very first program "Hello World" to display using blue prism & I got more errors(14), than the
line of code(10). :rolleyes:

Please advise what & all the things to do before proceeding into code stage. I mean any changes need to do in External References/Namespace Imports.

Code sourse Used:
My Input/ Output field is empty.


Thank you.


Hi Madhu,

I hope you are doing well and safe,

Doing code in blue prism is not too difficult you will learn easily
we can not use
console.writeline() function in blue prism code stage.

if you want to write some output in blue prism then we need to write output in blue prism data item.

so follow bellow steps.

1- Create new object
2- if u want to code in c# then go to init tab select c# as coding language
3-insert one code stage
4- if u want to print something then u need to write text in blue prism data item.
5-create one data item named Output
6-write bellow code in code stage
Output ="Hello World this is my first prog"
7-now run the code stage
you will get result in output Data item.

I hope it will help you..