Solved Blue Prism not attaching to Already Opened Browser.


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I am currently using BP version 5.0.3

I am currently facing a problem where my BP does not attach to an already opened Internet Explorer 11. I provided the Window Title with wildcard included, with the process name, it still is not able to attach properly.

When i opened my task manager, i checked that there are a 2-4 iexplore tasks opened, not just 1. However, i only had that one browser with one tab that I was supposed to attach to.

On the other hand, I am able to launch then attach to it without any issues.

I am so sorry as I cannot share any screenshots due to certain circumstances. Please help if possible!! Thank you.
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Hi leroytang,

Check by setting Child Index to 1.
If it doesn't work you will need to change this number depending on the instances of iexplore in the Task Manager.


Quick question!

How to attach any window which is already running? I mean what are all the possible ways and attributes to consider trying to attach any window?