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    Any idea how many types of securities in BP for storing or retrieving passwords
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    Forgot Password

    i couldn't able to see BPAPassword table for v6.10 version. how could i change or reset my forgetten password
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    Future opportunities in rpa

    Hi everyone, I would like to upskill my self in rpa I have around 6+ years of experience and good knowledge in Blueprism and uipath ! Currently working in DevOps model. would like to know future roles or positions with respect to RPA, also I would like to upskill myself for more technical...
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    Code stage for reading web table

    I am trying to read a web table (chrome browser) but unable to spy any element using browser mode. Can we use code stage for getting web table? If yes, how can we achieve this scenario?
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    unable to read table from a web application

    I am also facing same issue. Did you identified any solution?
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    Screen resolution changes while running bot in unattended mode

    Will this works on windows10? i tried the way u mentioned. But it is not working
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    System Exception : Field definitions do not match - the number of columns in each is different.

    I am also facing same issue. Trying to get solution. let me know if you already found it
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    RPA Challenge Exercise in Automation Anywhere

    Ok.. This i could able to get. but how below code identified? //label[text() = 'First Name']/following-sibling::input[1] //label[text() = 'Last Name']/following-sibling::input[1] //label[text() = 'Email']/following-sibling::input[1] while using xpath finder i m getting see these codes not above...
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    RPA Challenge Exercise in Automation Anywhere

    Could you please explain us ? how to identify this DOMXPATH?
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    Best source to learn Automation anywhere?

    Hi, What are the sources to learn AA any youtube channel or site for learning by doing?
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    Need code for clear filter in Excel

    Could you explain what are the next steps BOT wanna do? If BOT needs to read data from excel sheet, not required to remove filters. Using sql query BOT will read all the data inside excel sheet irrespective of filtering conditions
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    Read Radio Button - Surface Automation

    Got solution? I am also facing same
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    Code Stage to Read

    @VJR any hlep would be appreciated? thank you!
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    Code Stage to Read

    Have you find any solution for this? as of now i m replacing text with actual text but this is not accurate solution.