Unable to Spy and highlight


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Hi, I am facing some different issue with blue prism. I have created a process which is web based application and it is executing half of the flow properly, and when it enter into one particular page and it is not able to click on link and when I open application modeler it is not highlighting that element. then I tried to re-identify that element but unfortunately it is not even spying that element. not sure what happened to it. I have developed this in bp version 5 and exported this process to bp 6.2 version in migration process. would that cause for this error?

Things I took care : I am opening object as a browser based application, executed fine in bp version 5, checked in both the resolutions 1920*1080, 1600*900, if it is a version problem then why other steps are executing fine?, launching browser and all other steps are executing with bp only.


Hi Sri,

First check which mode you wanted to spy. Secondly, we do come across some site on which clicking the link is difficult.. so solution in html spying is to make a dynamic html by spy near by control .. and do focus and then click it.. if not successful then do check AA mode wherein you can pass the link name as dynamic and click it ..if that's not working then spy with region mode ND click centre..

Let me know if I can help in anything