Unable to Open Excel XLSM File (Call was rejected by callee)


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We're experiencing an issue ONLY when process is ran in Control Room, Blue Prism is unable to open an Excel .xlsm file type. Continually receive same error about call was rejected by callee. All the inputs are valid because if you step through the process there are zero issues encountered.

Any thoughts what can be done to remedy this situation?


Hello dsmith616. It seems this issues can be caused by any number of issues including:

- Your Excel instance isn't licensed or the license hasn't been activated on the machine.
- Certain add-ins can cause issues. Have you tried disabling any add-ins on the machine in question?
- Since you mentioned this is an XLSM file that implies there are macros at play here. Occasionally, Excel will pop-up a dialog and wait for input from the user. If you're not handling that dialog additional calls to Excel will be rejected.