spying issues in chrome 6.5

Hi, need your help with following-

i have a checkbox type element in a web application (using chrome) in 6.5.
when i spied using browser mode, its spyable but when i am clicking on that checkbox, its not clicking on that.

i have also changed the element type from web element to checkbox, but that also did not work out. I tried write "true" also on that, but that also did not work.

is there any other approach i can use to select that checkbox element?

please note: In chrome, only browser mode is picking that element and not getting any other mode like AA, UIA.

You can enable UIA/AA mode in chrome by passing command line parameter --force-renderer-accessibility either in Application Modeller or inside your launch action.

Sometimes HTML elements within the webpage are not directly spy-able by the Modeller. Please use "Open Application Navigator" in Identify button and figure out the correct checkbox element from what loads on the screen.

Hopefully, this will help