Snapping Windows left and right


I am trying to get a window to snap left or right, In this instance it is internet explorer, as I need two seperate web portals open at the same time, and to manage which window activates properly, it would be convenient to have them snapped. I tried global send keys to use Windows Key + Left Arrow, but have had no luck.

Are there any other ways to complete this?


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Are there any other ways to complete this?
Hi greg.elliott,

I don't think the Windows key has a corresponding equivalent to work in the Sendkeys.
Perhaps you could spy the outside border of the IE window in Win32 mode and then dynamically modify the attributes like Screen Bounds, X, Y, Height, Width etc to resize the window as per needs. Haven't used it so not sure which attributes among these are the correct one(s) so try that out.
Thanks, that is in fact incredibly useful.

It's worth mentioning I'd managed to resolve this issue, by mapping and minimizing one of the internet explorers, and working on the one that required global clicks in the foreground