Screen shot pasting to a word document

Hi All,
Can someone pls help on the below issue.
I am trying to take screenshot of a webpage and paste to a word.
1. Take screenshot and paste.
2. Page down
3. Take screenshot and paste.
The above steps are in loop.
I am using image manipulation object for taking screenshot.
The problem i am facing is the first taken screenshot will go down and the next screenshot will be posted just above the first one.
I need it in order.
Can anyone pls help.
There is no issue with browser pagedown.
I am facing issue while pasting this screenshot to word. The latest taken screenshot will be on top and the first taken screen shot will be down.
I want it in the other way.
So the easiest option is to take screenshot from the end of the page :)
Maybe try to send keys down (or mouse click) in word to set cursor after pasted screenshot and the paste screenshot.