SAP using global send keys for F9


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Hi All

Am trying to select a view for a material update in transaction MM02 , and running into issues. I got through the SAP login, selecting an SAP system, logging in, starting the tcode, entering a material number and deselecting the default views, because I only want to go to the views I need.

I have spied the view row (Basic Data 1), but I can only set focus - not actually select the row. Trying to spy the entire row so that it can be selected, which is a small section on the left, cannot be spied.

I managed to spy the window that lists the material views so that I could use global send keys and try to use F9 (function 9 key) to select the row. However, sending "{F9}" per the documentation does nothing. I've looked through other postings on this site, but nothing I found is helping. Any tips on what I should be sending instead?

Thanks all!


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You have to use main sap element the first element you made in the application modeler and try to use globel send key events set focus first tell me if it worked


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Hello I am using SAP business client where I need to get a pop up window on miro screen to enter company code here I am using active application and f7 global send keys for root element but bot unable to find the elements getting this error regularly for production bot runs pls give me some stuff to resolve the issue the following pictures Will give you the format of the action