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Hello all!
I am James, Technical Evangelist @ Robin, the RPA Language!
Robin is the first programming language, soon to be fully open-source and available on GitHub.
We are currently migrating the whole project to .NET core, once the migration is complete everything (literally) will be uploaded on GitHub.
Robin features a pretty simple and straightforward syntax.
It has its own, constantly growing, active community.

You can find a series of tutorials, covering various use cases to help you jumpstart your Robin journey here:
Official Robin forum: Tutorials/Guides

I have also uploaded a 2-part guide (more parts coming soon ;) ) showcasing how you can create your own RPA/RDA implementation for free, by combining Robin with Windows' Task Scheduler.
Feel free to check it out here:
Guide: Create your own RPA/RDA implementation using Robin

Glad to be here and I am looking forward to your replies/feedback! :)

Best regards,
James Papadimitriou
Robin Tech Evangelist
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John Dawson

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This was a helpful guide @jpap.
It is interesting how you can avoid vendor lockdown by utilizing free tools for automation.
I would also like to make a suggestion on the C# side.
The process should be closed after each run.
Also a more dynamic approach would be beneficial.
Say for example that you have a folder/repo of scripts, why hard-code them?
What are your plans for Robin, platform-wise?



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Hi @John Dawson!
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :)

I have already developed a new version of the C# console app.
It acts as a PoC but I want the users to be able to focus as much as they can on their automation scripts/bots.
In the new version you only have to set the folder/repo where your scripts reside, no need to hard code the path for every script.
I am also killing the background process after the script has finished in order to avoid memory leaks.

Best regards,

James Papadimitriou
Robin Tech Evangelist