REST API Call using Sharepoint list library VBO from DX


This VBO is working fine for creating, deleting, search items, get attachment and attach attachment.
Issue: I am trying update few fields on sharepoint and REST API calls uses verbs as GET, POST, PUT and PATCH so I tried differnt queries as Odata custom query but it;s not working.
Example : to search with filter:
getbytitle('Test List 1')/items?$filter=(FName eq 'FNameABC')

If anyone syntax of Odata query to update sharepoint, please share. Thanks
Swatig, thank a lot for responding but i think the POST method will use to add new elements (new, i.e. those whose ID is still unknown).
could you please send where I can download MERGE object or give some example of use?
ernest_mg, 1. Add a new action in API and name as update. Once added, you will see parameters, request, header and response tabs under that.

prerequisite: to make an update, you have to call " GET form digest value "action and pass it as parameter in update action.

Parameters must include: List name, item fields ad value, list item type name, item ID, form digest value.

Under request: Method will be POST and query will be

_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('[List Name]')/items([ItemId])

Under header: you have to mention HTTP method MERGE

syntax: attached is screenshot

I assume, If you are able to run sharepoint skill process then you are familiar with all the parameters.



sorry, i'm a new in blueprism - where do you add a new action in API?

I use Action:
1. Webservicies - REST: GET - for download some data to Collection
2. Collection manipulation (Append Rows to Collection) - for JSON Collection to Collection
3. now I would like to send back a marker that says I downloaded the data. I have to do it because I don't want to download the same data for next time - preferably by the Action with use PATCH method - it is possible?