Resource Pool and login agent issues

Hello! I have this following really frustrating issue:

I schedule a session to run on a resource pool. Blue prism choose to start Login Agent on BOT1 and after it logged in successfully without any errors, Blueprism tries to start the process on BOT2 that is logged off obviously and therefore the whole process crashes.

It only happens sometimes but with critical processes so it is driving me nuts. Can you please suggest anything? If possible we would like to keep resource pools..


We have the same, or did conclude the same. I'm not sure if I understand how the concept is supposed to work really.

LOGIN to the pool, so that all BOTs are logged in with the same account. Then fire-off processes towards the pool, but they cannot be daisy-chained, they will execut on what-ever-bot available. ( Might be fine, but montoring of loong running/stuck processes are quite complicated from what I can imagine.)

Pooling of BOT resouces would make a lot of sence in a Enterprise. ( Running on VDI's for example ) But I can only agree with you that I'm a bit confused on how to use it.