Refreshing Pivot Table


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@sheel These all steps are regarding obeject ?

Some of the steps are regarding process also

I am confused how i can conenct process with object


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There is not built in action to deal with Pivots. For refreshing a Pivot table, the following code will helps-

  1. Open 'MS Excel VBO' and right click on 'Go to Cell' action and choose duplicate
  2. Name the action as 'Pivot Refresh'
  3. In the 'Start' stage change the input parameter 'Cell Reference' to 'Pivot Table' and store in Data Item 'PivotTable' (you can rename the existing 'cellref' data item on the page to 'PivotTable')
  4. Open the Code stage and rename code stage to Pivot Refresh (to avoid duplicate name error with 'Go to Cell' action)
  5. Change the input parameter, 'cellref' on the Code stage to 'PivotTable'
  6. Go to Code tab and put the code GetWorkbook(handle, "").ActiveSheet.PivotTables(PivotTable).RefreshTable
  7. Publish the action
  8. Save the MS Excel VBO action

Now, you should be able to call this new action 'Pivot Refresh' passing the name of the pivot table on the worksheet to refresh.
A typical process flow for usage would be as -
  • Start
  • Create Instance
  • Open Workbook
  • Activate worksheet
  • Pivot Refresh
  • Close Instance
  • End
Post back, how it goes.
It worked. Thank you.


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Hi All,

Having used this action for the last 12 months without issue today we have come across an error as below with no changes made to the actions or code used.

Has anyone had this before and knows a work around for it?



  • Pivot Refresh Error.JPG
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