Power Automate Desktop and Hyperautomation


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Hey all! I noticed there's not a lot of stuff written about Microsoft's RPA tool: Power Automate Desktop. So I thought it would be interesting to write a short thread about how it serves the space of hyperautomation - at least Microsoft's vision from what I understand.

What's the role of RPA in hyperautomation?
RPA, or robotic process automation, is a technology that allows you to automate repetitive tasks by mimicking human actions on a computer. RPA can help you save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency in various business processes. But in most cases RPA alone is not enough to achieve the full potential of automation. That's where hyperautomation comes in.

Hyperautomation is the concept of combining different technologies, such as AI, APIs, and process mining, to create end-to-end automation solutions that are more intelligent, adaptable, and scalable. Hyperautomation can help you optimize your workflows, enhance your customer experience, and drive innovation in your organization.

Hyperautomation with Power Automate
Microsoft tries to jump into this hyperautomation space, with its Power Automate platform. It's a platform that covers 4 technologies: RPA, AI, APIs and Process Mining. I see Microsoft having the following vision with these components:
* APIs: Always try to first connect systems with one of the pre-existing connectors of Power Automate
* RPA: If a connector is lacking, you can use RPA to automate
* AI: If the process involves processing documents, unstructured text or images, AI can be infused into the automated process
* Process Mining: help identify (parts of) processes to automate

From the Power Automate platform you then can monitor and manage your automation flows acting as, what most of us would call, an orchestrator. Here, you can track their performance, status, and usage. We like this centralized place in the cloud as we develop flows for multiple clients at Tingk.

Curious if anyone has experience with building flows in Power Automate! Thanks for reading!