OLEDB - sql - not pulling or erroring out


Earlier I put out a complex query that was not pulling any data. We have now simplified it and it is still not pulling data. It works fine in sql developer. Works fine each table in BP. Does anyone recognize anything that would cause BP not to "like" this query. Weird thing is it does not error out but does not bring any data.

SELECT distinct

ffvv.flex_value AS e1081917,
ffvv1.description AS e1081924,
v.accounting_date AS e1127909,
v.bank_location AS e1127923,
v.cancelled_date AS e1127935,
v.description AS e1127968,
v.distribution_description AS e1127972,
v.gl_period AS e1127987,
v.invoice_line_amount AS invoice_line_amount,
v.invoice_number AS invoice_number,
v.manually_inserted_due_date AS e1128032,
v.payment_date AS payment_date,
v.po_number AS po_number,
v.segment2 AS fund,
ffvv.flex_value AS country,
v.segment5 AS project,
v.segment9 AS activity,
v.status AS e1128197,
v.vendor_site_code AS e1128207,
v.payment_status_flag AS e1833969,
ap.prepay_amount_remaining AS e1879948 ,
glps.effective_period_num AS as1139650_1127987_old
cus01.xxibc_ap_bot_dist_v v,
apps.xxibc_ap_invoice_dist_v ap,
apps.fnd_flex_values_vl ffvv,
applsys.fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs,
apps.fnd_flex_values_vl ffvv1,
applsys.fnd_flex_value_sets ffvs1,
gl.gl_period_statuses glps
v.invoice_distribution_id = ap.invoice_distribution_id
AND ffvs.flex_value_set_id = ffvv.flex_value_set_id
AND ffvs.flex_value_set_name = 'MCC_PROD_PROGRAM'
AND ffvv.summary_flag = 'N'
AND ffvs1.flex_value_set_id = ffvv1.flex_value_set_id
AND ffvs1.flex_value_set_name = 'MCC_PROD_ACTIVITY'
AND ffvv1.summary_flag = 'N'
AND ffvv.flex_value = v.segment3
AND ffvv1.flex_value = v.segment9
AND glps.application_id = 101
AND glps.set_of_books_id = 2
AND glps.closing_status IN ( 'C','O')
AND v.gl_period = glps.period_name (+)
AND (v.segment3 = 'NER' )
AND ( v.accounting_date < '01-MAR-2020' )
v.status IS NULL
AND v.payment_status_flag = 'Y'
AND v.payment_date IS NULL
OR v.status <> 'VOIDED'
AND v.payment_status_flag = 'Y'
AND v.payment_date < '01-MAR-2020'
OR v.status = 'VOIDED'
AND v.cancelled_date > '01-MAR-2020'
AND v.payment_status_flag = 'N'
AND v.payment_date < '01-MAR-2020'
AND ( v.segment2 LIKE '%COM%' )
AND ap.prepay_amount_remaining > 0
v.bank_location ASC, v.payment_date ASC