Hello All,

I am getting below error in PROD server when it is trying to read CSV file in to Collection.

"Internal : Could not execute code stage because execution thrown by code stage : Could not find installable ISAM"

Can you please help in this.


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To solve the issue you need:
- Goo to object and check if has some errors dettected by BP.
- verify if the file exists and are available.
- check and understand well the code


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Hi Naveen,

Applications have a dll for ISAM (Index Sequential Access Method). Msexcl40.dll is for Ms Excel.

The error that you are seeing is not related to BP and is common when using other applications too.
I suggest you to do a web search on "could not find installable isam excel" so that you could locate the issue related to your situation/machine.

One of the links, although it is for the same error in Access, shows that Msexcl40.dll is the dll for Excel ISAM and refers about solutions like re-registering the dll, or correcting the dll path in the registry or using the Ms Office Repair feature. Since you mentioned you are working on the Prod server ensure that your IT team looks into it so that they know what they are doing when making these type of changes.