How to 'launch' an object after development

Hi all,

This might be a stupid question but I am new to the RPA world. I am just wondering after I have development a whole automation object in Blue Prism and I would like it to run on others computer in an 'app' way. Could Blue Prism do this?

As the object takes input from user and generate output after the process and there might be multiple users, actually this is the same question as 'How does Blue Prism works in a real working environment'.

Thank you all.
Hi Enson,

To my knowledge we cannot run object alone. an object should be called from process(i hope you might be knowing it but i'm just reiterating it).
now publish the process and drag and drop on required machines from control room.

In real time we will be creating schedules where we can configure when a bot should run and on which machine it should run. for this you can refer the standard guides present in BP portal :)

Hope this helps.