Forgot Password

I have forgot my login password for Blue Prism. I was working in my local computer and now I am not sure how to recover my password. Please help me out. I am currently using Blue Prism version 6.4
Hello Deepti, you can reset your password by execute below query

use BP (here BP is the database name)

SET PASSWORD= '208512264222772174181102151942010236531331277169151'
Hi i am unable to reset the password.
Hey @mishti ,
1. Go to SQL Server and Select your Blue Prism Data Base.

use Bellow command to reset your blue prism password it will update password and set password as admin

UPDATE BPAPassword SET salt='bWBTNqWrvq6RbQnns5PpF+Kt7V1gVS97F6R5iZIxV6M=',hash='9XkueyLzhbhRUMoKedsN3l7ChDmfS811IDymP8ZCEv8='
WHERE userid=(SELECT userid FROM BPAUser WHERE username='admin') AND active=1;

I hope it will help you..!