Filter-Collection Blue Prism


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Hi All,

I am having issues around [Utility - Collection Manipulation - Filter Collection]
I have a Get Files action which gets all the files from a particular folder and outputs them into a collection in Blue Prism (there are 14 .txt files)
I then use the Filter Collection Object to filter this folder "Files"
I am trying to only bring back results in the collection for where the "Created" (DateTime) = today or yesterdays date.

Date1( DateTime) FormatDateTime(Today()&" "&LocalTime(),"dd/MM/yyyy")
Date2(DateTime) FormatDateTime(DateAdd("9", "-2", Today())&" "&LocalTime(),"dd/MM/yyyy")

Filter Expression : "[Created] <= "&"'" &[Date1]&"' and [Created] >= "&"'" &[Date2]&"'"

There is no Error message and it doesn't output any results.
I am thinking that maybe Date1 and Date2 aren't being read as dates perhaps?

Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.