Extracting company name from e-mail

Hi! This is probably easy for you gurus, but I'm a newbie.... So, what is the best way to extract company name from an e-mail? For example the sender is john.smith@company.com and I'd need to get company.com into data item. I'm using Blue prism 6.2. Many thanks in advance!


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Regex can be used to get the Company name from the email address. Here is the regex-

Check for the threads on how to use the Regex and replace the regex pattern with the above expression.

Post back how it goes!
Hi All,

this is very interesting, as I am new RegEx. Any help in how I can identify Alphanumeric values that might appear anywhere within a sentence. For example, I am trying to extract the following value "abc123" from a sentence "currently team abc123 is playing until 19:00". So the goal is to ignore any full text or full numeric value and just identify and extract the value that is a combination of the two (alphanumeric). TIA.