Excel - String Search

Suggest some effective ways to search for a text in excel. (Output should be the cell reference)

- Input excel file contains 1000 of rows and columns
- Looping through each cell takes lot of time
- Need to reduce timing.
Hi Janejeba,
create new action in MS Excel VBO and named as Find
Design flow like bellow

View attachment 1565942730937.png

StartUp parameter will be
View attachment 1565942794683.png

Code Stage input parameter will be
View attachment 1565942865846.png

code stage output parameter
View attachment 1565942897350.png

Code stage code will be

View attachment 1565942939789.png

Then just passed values from process and you will get output as cell reference of first occurrence of string
View attachment 1565943036258.png
Hi Sachin, Thanks for the support.

I'm not familiar with code stage. What are the name spaces and language settings I have to add for writting this code.
Hi Sachin
Thanks in advance...!

I am getting below error
Page: find cell refrence
Stage: Code to find
Type: Error
Action: Validate
Description: Compiler error at line 3: 'CellReff' is already declared as a parameter of this method.
Repairable: No