Excel error: The document caused a serious error the last time it was opened


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Has anyone faced this issue where 'Open Workbook' action of Excel VBO fails because it takes too long? I got this error in my Production run. When I try to manually open the file i get the warning, " The last time you opened 'filename.xlsx', it caused serious error. Do you still want to open it?" I did not face this issue during Development or Test ever. In Production run, the action just times out and I do not see the warning message.
When i google this error, i got some solutions around disabling Add-ins, but that doesn't seem to be the issue here.

Please share your suggestions/solutions. Any help is appreciated.


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Sorry for the late reply. I once experienced this same kind of issue where a popup occurs in PROD but not UAT or DEV. I tried a lot of different things, but was never able to replicate the issue in DEV or UAT. Eventually, I found a solution that was a bit unorthodox, but it worked: I had to get access to RDP into the bot itself directly, where I had to close the runtime resource and run BP as an interactive client instead. This will allow you to log on to BP (you will have to set up the PROD database connection, so you might want to have that information ready from PROD). Then, I spied the popup in Object Studio, saved my work and logged out of BP, closed the interactive client, and ran the runtime resource before disconnecting from the bot. I was then able to update my process in DEV to account for the new popup, and I tested it in PROD by only processing a small number of items until the popup appeared and I could confirm that my update had resolved the issue.

You may need to involve your BP Architect or your company's IT department to do this, as in some organizations I understand that direct access to the bots is not allowed. If you are not able to gain direct access to the bot, or if this unorthodox solution is not available to you for some other reason, I recommend that you contact BP support to see if they have other options for you to try.