Comparing Collections & System.OutOfMemory Exception

Hi, I have 2 collections
Sample collection : 180 rows
Source Collection : 870 rows.
While i am comparing the sample collection rows are present in the source collection or not by using 2 loop stages and collection contain values option in the Utility Collection Manipulation VBO. It will take more than 3 hours. after running for 2 hours it compares only 40-50 rows in sample collection.
It will take that much of time .
Can you please assist me on this one how to compare faster when large data in collection.

In the same situation also after running so much of time it simply throws the error like system Out Of Memory Exception.

For your reference.

View attachment 1541767387878.png

Kindly help me to overcome this.


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Hi Malligai,

Are you able to share the screenshot your diagram? Something doesn't look right in the process flow.
Collections of so less records should not consume so much time or throw a memory error.