Hello Team,

I am having a requirement to check whether a particular folder (Process Files) exists or not in specified path (C:// Process Folders).
If folder exists, I will not do anything.
If folder doesn't exists, I need to create it by Bot.

Is there any way to achieve it.

Thanks in Advance.


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hello Naveen, the simplest way is to use VBO "Utility - File Management" with Action as Create Directory. The Inputs are "Directory Path" & "Error If Already Exists" and Outputs are "Success" and "Message".
Ex: If you want to check for folder called VBO under C drive, set Directory Path argument as "C:\VBO" and leave Error If Already Exists which will be default set to True. Under Output, have Data Items for Success and Message.
Execute the process:
'VBO' folder does not Exist in C drive: the folder VBO will be created and the output Data Items will be set to True and Message will be left blank respectively

'VBO' folder Exist in C drive: The output Data Items will be set to False and Message will show "System Application Exception....." respectively


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Hi Naveen,

The 'Utility - File Management' VBO has the actions 'Directory Exists' and 'Create Directory' required to achieve both your requirements.


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I am assuming 'Create Directory' can manage without use of 'Directory Exist' ; as Create Directory internally checks for directory existence.