change a value of an element in XML with Blue Prism

Hi Community
Can anybody help me?
I'm trying to replace element values of a xml String.
My text looks like this one:

<S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www.oap-envelope"><S:Envelope xmlns:S="http://www./soap-envelope"> <S:Header> <To xmlns="http://www----------sing"></To> <Action xmlns="http://www.w3.or------------ssing" S:mustUnderstand="true">httpntrag</Action> </S:Header> <S:Body> <ns7:textxy1 xmlns="http://------" xmlns:ns2="hays" xmlns:ns3="http://schema------------" xmlns:ns4="htTO" xmlns:ns5="htt" xmlns:ns6="htTO." > <ns7:input> <textxy2> <Tag1> <a/> <b>36000<b> <c/> <au>0001</au> </c> <d i:nil="true"/> <ElementXY i:nil="true"/>.......

My Code in Blue Prism is
View attachment 1590170386204.png

Thanks in advance
I appreciate,
Best regards