Business process Error - Control Tower


Hi - I created two tasks in WorkFusion studio
1. Login Task - bot logs into a web page
2. Navigate to a tab task - bot will navigate to a tab on the same web page

I gave two rows of data as input in the control room. When i connected these two tasks in a single business process and ran it, the bot was able to login to web page and closed down therefore resulting in an error for the second task (my assumption). But when i look at the results i see 2/2 for first task and 0/2 for second task. If both tasks are connected in a single flow, am i not supposed to get an error right after the login task and web page closes down? Am i missing something? Can someone explain this to me as i am very new to workfusion!

Also, how to make sure that the browser doesn't close down after it logs in so that the second task can continue to work on the page? Please let me know

Thanks in advance!