Blue Prism_ Retrieving aa case from Q and going through a collection contaning files


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I have a queue with unique certificate IDs, and I have a collection containing files.
Each file has a certficate ID. I want to get a case from queue, go to the collection, open the file and search for the certificate ID. If it finds, rename the file and close it. If not, dont change the name of the file, but go to the next file search for the certificate ID. and so on. If there is no match from any of these files, mark exception. Is there a best way to get this? Any help is appreciated. I will opening the pdf file from Nitro, do a control F and put the certificate ID.


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The process you have mentioned appears to be straight forward at least from the first look. So there doesn't seem to be a best way or not.

Below are my thoughts on the flow and I have added what objects/actions can be used wherever applicable.
You can let me know if something is not stated correctly.

- Iterate through the Queue and Pick the Cert ID (Get Next Item, etc.)
- Look for the ID in the Collection. This can be done using the Filter Collection action, assuming there is a File for every ID in the collection. If not you can check using 'Collection contains value' action.
Also you will find some posts on the forum for Filter Collection.
- Get the full file name from the Filtered collection
- Open the File and search for the certificate ID
- If found, set a flag data item as True. Close the file. If true rename the file. For renaming the file check Post #2 here. Use the Mark Complete action.
- If False use the Mark Exception action and get the next item from the Queue which will repeat the above steps.

It is up to you whether you would like to use the Tag Item action to set their tags as "Found" and "Not Found" in case it is required for filtering specific items from the queue or for reporting purposes, etc.