Blue Prism - Trim Function not working for one field

This is a strange one...I have a Trim Function on all my fields of data that I'm stripping off a report, but one field doesn't seem to be removing my spaces?
Any idea why...please see attached screen shot.




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Hi smithmrk,

Is there a possibility of that being any other kind of invisible character like a carriage return, line feed, or a TAB. I guess Trim strips off a TAB too...need to check, but could be other invisible characters.
What happens when you click the button with two dots? Does the caret (or the cursor) go to the next line after 004 when you move it using the arrow keys?
Check out for any kind of invisible characters using a free text editor like Notepad++.

View attachment 1540523655875.png

After turning invisible characters ON in Notepad++:
View attachment 1540523602358.png
I'm using UltraEdit and it appears the reason why is because there are NULLS in the space, but UltraEdit displays them as spaces, so until I looked at the HEX, it appeared they were spaces, but in reality they were NULLS.