Blue Prism - Automating Chat bot?


Could you please elaborate more on what you're seeking an understanding of exactly?

Do you have a specific scenario you're looking to automate?
Hi Robin,

I do not have any scenario. I am not aware of it, if you are aware of automating chat bot, please you take any scenario and explain in detail.

Looking forward for your help.

Thank You

I understood that but the current job market is such that you need to work on too many things for securing a job. I am trying to understand the scenario in how to automate a chat bot. I know it s a quite difficult task but there might be some elimination points in taking to a customer care agent, we might automate to that extent. please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you Vemula
Sorry, I'm not sure I understand you completely.

If you are looking for a chat bot to handle customer requests, RPA would be your second tool in that case to maybe further automate a chat bot. However first you need a chat bot. Afterwards at a later stage you might want to implement Blue Prism, to help automate requests taken by the bot from customers further. There should be information on use cases for this online if you check google, or maybe contact any RPA related company for more information.