sql queries

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    OLEDB - Complex Sql - Not erroring out but not bringing data

    Hello, I have a complex sql that completes but does not bring any data back. I have pulled data from each view individually. I'm wondering if BP - does not like selects within selects within selects. This exact sql runs and pulls data in sql developer. Anyone have experience with this or any...
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    How Execute a SQL Packet Blue Prism

    Hello Friends, Somebody can I help me about Packets? I need Execute a Packet in a SQL (this packet give a file in especific path)... How I can give a execute inside of BP? Thx!.
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    Excel OLEDB - Invalid SQL Statement

    I'm trying to pull a simple --- Select * From [Excel Sheet] Could not execute code stage because exception thrown by code stage: Invalid SQL statement; expected 'DELETE', 'INSERT', 'PROCEDURE', 'SELECT', or 'UPDATE'. I'm trying to use various versions of the following statement. With [Excel...
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    how to Update sql table from collection data in one go?

    Hi, I have a collection which has 500 rows and want to update this data in to a table in sql . I was aware I can update row by row by looping each one is there a way I can update all the data in the collection in one go from Blue prism Process to sql table? If it is calling Thanks
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    Call stored procedure using OLE DB in Blue Prism

    I am unable to call stored procedure using Blue Prism , I am able to set connection to the DB and also able to run a query using "get collection" action in OLE DB VBO. Can anyone please suggest the format for stored procedure call and how to pass parameters.
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    Group data of a collection

    Hi, I've created a process that take data from a database and create a collection like that in fig1. This data must by taken from Outlook for send emails to those recipients and remind them that the activities must be completed within a certain date. The process works fine, but Outlook send one...