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    Isolate date with Regex

    I’m trying to identify the required regex to isolate a date from a text string. The string is in the following format: January 12, 2020 I need to be able to identify any date of any year. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance
  2. D

    Blue Prism and regex

    Hi, Today I use a business object called id.Regex to extract desired text. It works as it should, the only drawback is that it outputs a collection. I guess the reason is due to the possibility that it may find several matches. But in other business objects I have experienced that it takes the...
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    Extract regex value - Lower and Upper Results

    hi all, i should extract a product code from a string using extract regex value. regex pattern: (?<ProdCode>[A-Z0-9]{2}[\-A-Z0-9\-]{7}[0-9]{2}) Target String: Articolo: A5-EWMS4-02 QUANTITA' 10 Result expected and verified: A5-EWMS4-02 What i am missing is how write into output collection...
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    Solved How to Split String Using Regex Expressions

    Hello, I need to split a string using uppercase character So, for example: String: "GiornoFest.Err.EntrataUscitaEntrataUscitaAltreCausaleDalleAlleDurata Collection: "Giorno Fest. Err. Entrata Uscita Entrata Uscita Altre Causale Dalle Alle Durata Thanks Ale
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    Specific question about .*(Reg Ex) Match Type

    Hi all, I have been facing some issues during last week and even having read all past posts in the forum, I still don't know how to deal with my problem. So the point is: I identify in Application Modeller some element and I put one attribute as Dynamic: Then, I inserted a "navigate" to my...
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    Need Help in Regex expression

    Hi Team, I need a help in extracting an element from pdf which contains many details I have to extract the Salary amount Example pdf content: Line1: Salary : 45,658.302 Basic Salary: 23,000.54 Line2: Total Salary : 84,937.98 I have given the below regex ...
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    Using regular expression in automation anywhere.

    How to use regex to fetch a value from the string in automation anywhere without using scripts. Kindly help.
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    How to use Reg Ex in application modeller ?

    Hi everyone, Is there any advice to use Reg Ex in application modeller ? I posted a question 2 hours ago, however it's not been showed up. Any admin deleted my question without notice.
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    How to use the 'Extract Regex Values' action of Utility - Strings for multiple matches

    I already know how to use regular expressions in order to extract some text in strings but most of the time 1 regular expression can match multiple strings inside the original string but I can't find a solution in order to put all the matches in a collection, in this post I find the reference to...
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    Test Regex Match

    I would like to check, if the name of the file contains string. Problem is, that it can be: Abc OR ABC OR abc. Could you help me, how I can create this condition in Regex Pattern? Thank you