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    Forwarding/Deleting an email with Agilify

    Hello everyone, Lately I have been researching for some Outlook automation with Blueprism. I came to the solution of using Agilify but while trying to use any option where the Message ID is needed (such a move email, forwar, reply to an email or delete an email). I get all the time the...
  2. D

    Send email with a template and a not-fixed table length

    Hello everyone, I have to use an email template to send some notifications, The table (Item | Description | Price) could have multiple rows. What is the best way to do this? I used to use an Excel macro, but I don't like that idea. I tried to replicate the template using HTML but the result...
  3. J

    Opening Email Template - Outlook Automation

    How to open a email template in outlook using Blue prism automation.
  4. M

    Get Outlook email attachment name

    I would like to save an attachment from a received mail (Outlook), and then later open said file in Excel using the "Open Wookbook" (MS Excel VBO) action. To open the file using "Open Workbook", I would need to get the specific name of the saved attachment - wildcards are not allowed, as I...
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    How to Copy range as image

    Hello, I'm new to Blue Prism, and looking for a way to copy Excel range as image and paste it to Outlook item. I know "CopyPicture" method in VBA but I have no idea what I can do in Blue Prism. Maybe I will have to use Code Stage? I appreciate if any one of you give me an advise. Thank you.
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    Attach problem - "Ghost"Step

    Hi all, Im facing and issue, where the object is reporting an attach error, but I dont have any attach steps on that action. In a first moment, the attach navigate was on that page, but it was removed. I tried to check if the server was using an old version of the object, but when I right-click...
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    Delete all emails in Inbox, Sent and Deleted folder in Outlook

    Hi, I have managed to delete all emails within a date range from Inbox with a loop, but we would need to also delete all emails under Deleted folder and also in Sent folder. Basically clear out all old emails from Outlook based on a date range for example from two weeks to yesterday. Does...
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    Saving email attachments individually by changing their filename

    Good day Gurus! I'm looking at an issue where I could have multiple attachments in an email that have the same name. Knowing we can't save multiple files with the same name in the same folder, I'd like to loop through each individual attachment and choose the name under which it will be saved...
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    Outlook: Check 'Outbox'

    Does anybody have a way to check Outlook's Outbox? A tweaked code stage or something? Running into trouble where emails sent via VBO are sitting in Outbox.
  10. C

    Issue with reading outlook mails

    Hi, I am using customized BP object to read and save the input files from outlook. Normally it is working fine but sometimes I am getting the following error i.e. "Your server administrator has limited the number of items you can open simultaneously. Try closing messages you have opened or...
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    Save Email Attachments: .msg Files

    I have Outlook emails with emails attached to them - .msg files to be precise. I want to save the attached emails (.msg files) as part of the regular attachments using the Save Attachments action in the Outlook VBO. It seems the VBO cannot see or detect the attached .msg files because they are...
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    How to get received emails from a shared Outlook inbox?

    I've seen a couple of posts like this previously, but they were unhelpful to me because if I make the changes they suggest, it causes more errors to appear. I'm attempting to grab unread emails from a shared inbox in Outlook. The shared inbox name is "Maintenance". Any help or tips would be...
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    MS Outlook VBO using BP V6.4 - Outlook has to be opened

    Hi, i am testing Blue Prism V6.4 and wanted to use the new MS Outlook VBO. Unfortunately, it does only work if Outlook is already opened. We have the same issue with V5.0.23 using the MAPIEx VBO. I thought this problem is solved by using the new MS Outlook VBO but it isn't. Has anyone have an...
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    Access to the path denied in save mail message

    Hello teams, suddenly, since yesterday, my UIPath robot is no longer able to save attachments and e-mails via outlook activities on local folders, on my pc. I tried different paths, including the process documentation itself. I tried to run UIPath as administrator too. Unsuccessfully. The system...
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    Start blue prism process by email request

    I am new to RPA and Blue Prism. I am still in training. I was asked to develop a solution where a customer can send an email requesting their process to be run. The bot would need to read the subject line, for example, {run {Tax-may2019-001} and the bot would then start that process. We would...
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    Outlook Meeting Scheduler Bot

    Hello, I am working on a bot that schedules interviews. The part that I am having trouble approaching is finding the availability of interviewers and open rooms. Here are what is required to book an interview: The bot needs find available rooms during specific dates given The bot needs to check...
  17. A

    SMTP Error

    Hi, When i am trying to fetch emails from outlook using SMTP ,the following error is throwing. Kindly help me to resolve this. Thanks
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    BP:My company is using Azure Information Protection to classify documents and mail as Public/Confidential/Internal

    Hi, I am stuck with one issue. My company is using Azure Information Protection to classify documents and Outlook mail as Public/Confidential/Internal..etc. So, I want my Bot to automatically set all docs/Mails as "Confidential" either during creating new document or while Closing a doc or...
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    automatically select Protection information (Public/restricted/confidential) on MS word or excel or Outlook.

    Hi, I am looking for a solution for Blue prism. I want to automatically select Protection information (Public/restricted/confidential) on MS word or excel or Outlook. My company is using Azure Protection Information to classify documents and email. I am looking for some solution so that BP will...
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    Mapiex and Outlook

    I am using Mapiex to read email from Outlook and its working fine but when i close the outlook its not updating/syncing the new emails and thus Mapiex is not able to read new emails. I thought of adding one extra step to my robot which will open the outlook and click on sync tab every time the...