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    Update multiple values in Oracle (SQL) in one shot

    Hello everyone, I need to update 10k rows and 100 columns daily in Oracle. It's too slow if I do it using a loop over the collection that contains the new values. Is there any way to do it in one shot? I have the new information in Excel and I read it in a collection. Thanks, BD
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    Blueprism To Run Database Package

    Hi, I have a package on the database which requires a stub such as declare ln_ret number; begin ln_ret := pkg_rpa.DOC_UPLOAD ( 'Y', 'SL004963', 'BOT Test'); dbms_output.put_line('ln_ret=' || t.t (ln_ret)); end; This will insert a record into a table using these values I...
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    Java Based Applications dont work on Control Room

    Hi All, I have a very strange Issue, With my process. that is We are dealing with the Web based, Window based and Java based applications in Single Process. The Problem is When I'm Running the Process through Studio. the Process is Perfectly Working Fine. But the Problem is when i'm Running the...
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    SQL Query Ran Through Blueprism Not Returning Results

    I have a Blueprism object which opens an Oracle database connection and runs a SQL script. This object has been working correctly for the past 12 months. I am developing a new process and the object isn't bringing back any results. If I run the SQL select against the database it returns results...
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    Application modeller can't recognize Oracle forms web

    Hello. I have the next issue. I'm trying to attach an already running java application, to be more specific a oracle developer forms application. this application is launched manually from Citrix(web). And I don't know how to recognize it, I already try with java-base application and...
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    java Automation Oracle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to automate a functionality which is a java applet form Oracle EBS. I'm unable to spy the text boxes in the picture using HTML or java mode. I'm currently activating the window and using global send keys to enter the data. is there an efficient way to enter data?