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    Solved JSON Parsing in A2019

    You can use JSON Object Manager package to read JSON object values, parse an array, and update JSON object values. Here is a tutorial on how to use 'JSON Object Manager' package: https://developer.automationanywhere.com/blog/quicktip-using-the-json-object-manager-package
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    how to Make ( get and post ..... ) Request in blue prism ??

    Hi everyone, my problem is that i wanna make request from blue prism to get data from a ticketing system, i tried to do that with a vb.net code but unfortunately it doesn't work, also i try to do this with Webservices - REST BP object stage but it doesn't work, it show me an error of...
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    Json to collection out of memory exception

    Hi , Any one encountered out of memory exception while loading the Json to collection skipping array
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    Metabot for converting json to xml

    Hi, I am trying out Rest API call using automation anywhere. I get a response in the json format. Lets say I get something like this => {"error":false,"message":"68fd08f0-d5f4-11e8-b01b-db6ba7af2de6"} Now i am trying to get the value of message from it. Since there is no default JSON...
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    Pass Json type data from variable to javascript code from automation anywhere

    Greetings, I want to pass a json value from a variable to javascript, but the problem is that it is not passing it the right way. Suppose {"name":"JANE","id":"20789","company":"HTC"} is my json data i store in a variable and try to pass it to script, it is passing the value without quotes...
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    Cannot Iterate through JSON items withing injected JS script

    So I am trying to iterate through JSON items via injected script. And BP is throwing me a syntax error that it is incapable of compiling my code. code: function fillInputs(json){ alert(json[0].Email); } through Invoke I am giving [JSON] variable that has a well structured JSON object which...